Mythical Monsters: Battle Cards - launching in autumn 2016

In partnership with Twisted Spirit, our range of Battle Cards will launch later this year.  They will allow players to compete with each other by using a selection of forty five exciting monsters. Each card provides a short description of the creature and some information about its country and cultural context.


The Mythical Monster Battle Cards have key statistics for each monster:

 The Monster’s strength, size in metres/centimetres, its agility (out of 100) its magical powers (out of 100) and terror factor (out of 100)

The Mythical Monster Battle Cards have a map showing the monsters’ countries of origin. 

There is also a monster to human scale comparison.

Each card depicts the monster in its natural habitat, which reflects the environment of the country of origin.

For example,  Surale (Russia) - surrounded by a large panorama of forest; Ahuizotl (Mexico) - surrounded by extensive jungle dotted with Aztec temples.