Peter Dobbin has been working for eighteen years as a Concept Artist, mainly in the

computer games industry. Regular clients have including Sony, Microsoft and Electronic Arts.  

Peter has also spent time as an illustrator on projects with the British Council and

Cambridge University Press.


As a Concept Artist he uses his knowledge and skills to contribute in different ways 

to clients' projects: developing the brief for assignments; storyboarding; producing 

thumbnail sketches; creating original characters and diverse environments. He  

creates inspirational Concept Art, that contributes to the successful development of a project.


Recently Peter has taken a keen interest in character and design of unusual 

creatures, endeavouring to show the essence of the creature in their design and bodily pose.


Peter lives in Bow, East London with his partner Sandra and their two daughters 

Nova and Mila.


If you are interested in the Mythological Monsters project and wish to find out more, 

please contact Peter on:

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